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History of the Club

Transveld Meatmaster Club originally started as the Noord-Oos Studie Groep by Rassie van der Vyfer in 2008/2009. The club consisted of a small group of Breeders, about 5 in total, dispersed across the North Eastern part of South Africa, spanning from Wesselsbron in the Free State to North of Pretoria in Gauteng. Rassie was the chairman of the club until about 2012 when he became terminally ill. Over the years the club has grown as the popularity of the Meatmaster spread in the Transvaal and Bushveld.

During the early years, the Club took part in the auctions which took place in Rustenburg, at the showgrounds. These auctions were arranged by the Meatmaster Society and were very successful in introducing the Meatmaster Sheep breed to the Northern Part of the country. Unfortunately in 2012 the Rustenburg showgrounds were closed and the auctions there had to stop. The Club went through a few difficult years after the Rustenburg showgrounds were closed. It took a lot of perseverance and determination to keep the Club going and to find the right location for the auction to be held which would suite all breeders concerned.

In 2013 Rachel Fouche arranged the first auction in Pretoria, at the Pretoria Showgrounds during the annual Show. The auction had then become a Club auction. The club also changed its name to Transveld Meatmaster Club. The Auction was held there for 3 years. But there was a great concern about safety especially because of the Showgrounds being in the city centre. Other sheep breeds also started to move their auctions, so the Club had to look for a new location yet again. In 2016, the Club was invited to hold its Auction at the Conrad Herbst Kleinvee Sentrum, in Eastern Pretoria. This also took a lot of hard work and perseverance as well as shere determination to finally have our first auction at the Conrad Herbst Kleinvee Sentrum.

The Club today

Currently the club has seen a huge turnaround, and with enthusiastic breeders all working together to create a successful club, this has brought about huge interest in the club, and we continue to grow from strength to strength. The club has seen in the last three auction extremely above average pricing, which is also a reflection of the quality and the growth within the region. The Meatmaster breed is thriving in our region creating opportunities for all breeders to showcase their animals and build their brand using the club. With a solid foundation and good management team, the Transveld Meatmaster Klub is dedicated to promote /market and grow the Meatmaster breed in our region to be recognized as true herdsman.


06 May 2020
Pretoria , Conrad Herbst Veilings Krale

01 Augustus 2020
Thabazimbi, Thabazimbi Showgrounds

03 September 2020
Pretoria , Conrad Herbst Veilings Krale



Charles Freeme
Chairman - 074 207 0007

Christiaan von Wielligh
Secretary - 073 230 6474

Nico Grobler
Marketing - 071 681 1180

PW van Heerden
Auctions - 083 627 4133

Marizanne von Wielligh
Tresurer - 076 960 1750





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