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Meatmaster Breeders pride themselves with the fact that they stick to the breeding norms layed down before them with the main one being LEAVE THE ANIMAL OUT IN NATURE, TO PERFORM IN NATURE because only then we will find the cream rising to the top.

Meatmaster Stud breeders have seen over many years of breeding various kinds of sheep breeds that doing performance testing under intensive conditions slows down the improving process and minimizes the difference between the weaker and the better animals where as leaving the animals out in nature makes that difference much bigger. Thus making your improvement of your animals so much faster. With the Meatmaster also having less petty selection issues we can never get away from the basic fundamentals of Masculinity with rams and Femininity with ewes, functional efficiency for easy lambing and covering great distances in our more arid areas. For more on the phenotypic aspects please go to Standard of Excellence on left.

Breeders have initially decided never to show because of the subtle pitfalls this game has. With various breeds, showing was the single action that ruined the breeds, making their ewes more masculine, unable to take the ram or to lamb. Rams are unable to serve their ewes, cover great distances and has no vigor for serving ewes.

Some of the traits/aspects other breeds have when looking at the development of their breed are conformation and or size. When concentrating on conformation you rams will become unable to serve their ewes, their functional efficiency will decrease, ewes will start battling to lamb and rear their lambs. With concentrating on size it is evident that your animals will be unable to carry you through the tough times or times of great stress.

Our aim is to never try and win a carcass competition but we compete to see if we are meeting the market requirements. With the carcass competitions we have taken part in the Meatmasters have done very well. On the hoof, judges barely gave the breed a glance but once on the hoof they where well impressed. Current abattoir results for Meatmasters in the Bethulie district has been over 200 sheep with ALL of them grading A2’s! This was achieved without ANY supplementary feeding, licks or hormones but 100% of natural veld between the ages of 4 and 7 months.

This proves that the Meatmaster is NATURES MONEY MAKER!!

This Rand / Cent chart shows that over the years, since the Meatmasters started with performance Testing we have made increasingly more and more money. After the dip in the chart of 2006 the problem was immediately identified and rectified with interest. Not many breeds can show this kind of improvement.

Meatmaster Proving Themselves Worthy in Extreme Weather.

In the 2010 / 2011 season some of the outer lying Karoo areas have experienced much higher rain fall than usual. These extreme weather conditions brought about great times of testing to see what the Meatmaster would do when sudden climate changes take place such as these from dry to extreme wetness. The Meatmasters where pushed way beyond the limits for a year like this. Where all surrounding farmers where battling with footrot, wireworm and other problems, Meatmaster farmers went and placed there sheep under as much stress as possible. For over 45 days Meatmaster sheep ran with water constantly above their pasterns. They were also not dosed for wireworm until the turn of the season. The founding’s where astounding. Not one sheep was lost due to wireworm or other parasites and not one sheep got footrot. Where most farmers would put their commercial animals under such a test, this test was done with over 200 stud ewes. This just proves that when animals are purposefully selected under natural conditions, only the strong and able will prevail




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